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Quality Portuguese Translation

BB Portuguese offers quality Portuguese services oriented to demanding companies and individuals, and also translation agencies, all provided by our certified linguists.

We guarantee the best in price, quality and speedy delivery for accurate Brazilian and Continental / European Portuguese translation, interpretation, localization, language courses, book publishing & printing, and our learning products. Our professionals are Brazilian and Portuguese native linguists with up-to-date knowledge of fields such as IT, business, government, engineering, telecom and law.

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A 10-year Journey in the Portuguese Translation Market

BB Portuguese has been providing Portuguese translation services since 1998. BB Portuguese was started in Brazil in 1998 as a Brazilian product store. Although the store has not made it, the business evolved as a Brazilian consulting provider and ultimately it gave birth to a Full service Portuguese translation company currently headquartered in New York.

Nowadays, BB Portuguese is the first choice of nationwide recognized clients including famous law offices, large Multilanguage translation agencies, hi-tech engineering offices, IT manufacturers, and financial groups, when it comes to Portuguese translation.

Portuguese translation is the core business of BB Portuguese, but other services such as interpretation, project liaison in Brazil, and localization projects also contribute to the company’s revenues.

To celebrate its 10 years in the market, BB Portuguese is sponsoring a free 30-lesson Portuguese course to be offered by free at its website: http://www.bbportuguese.com

If you need a quality Portuguese translation, give a try and you'll not look back! Learn why BB Portuguese has hundreds of satisfied customers in more than 20 countries and virtually all industry segments.

For more information, please contact our press release manager at pressrelease@bbportuguese.com or call 800-725-6498.

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English Portuguese interpretation

If you are holding an onsite or over the phone conference, or need a Portuguese court interpreter, look into our interpreting services.

Our experienced, certified interpreters have expertise in fields such as finance, medicine, law, government and technology. We have a large nationwide network of qualified individuals available.

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Some uses for our Interpretation Services

* Phone Interpretation
* Interpreting Conference Calls
* Live Simultaneous Interpretation
* HR Training Aides Translated
* Business Escort Interpretation
* Medical Escort Services

Modalities of our Portuguese interpreting

BB Portuguese offers several types of Portuguese interpreting. Our modalities include phone, simultaneous, consecutive, conference interpreting, escort and public service interpreting.
Over the Phone / Consecutive interpreting

In our consecutive interpreting, the interpreter is participating in a three-way call or situated alongside the speaker, listening and taking notes as the speech progresses. When the speaker has finished or comes to a pause, the Portuguese interpreter speaks the message in Brazilian Portuguese, as though he or she were making the original speech.
Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, our Brazilian interpreters speak while the source-speech speaker is still speaking. This service is sometimes referred to as "simultaneous translation" and the interpreter referred to as the "translator".
Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting is simply interpreting in a conference environment. Our English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English conference interpreting may be simultaneous or consecutive.
Legal interpreting

Our Legal Portuguese English interpreting, or court or judicial interpreting, takes place in wherever a legal proceeding is held. Consecutive interpreting of witnesses' statements or simultaneous interpreting of the entire proceedings by electronic means for one or more of the people in attendance is an example of our service.

Send us an e-mail to receive a precise quote for your Interpretation Job in less than 24 hours: translation@bbportuguese.com

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Localization is the process of taking a communication suitable for one country or culture and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target country or culture. In addition to translating content, our localization service involves software translation and engineering, web site engineering, desktop publishing, graphics engineering, and also quality assurance, including functionality and user testing.

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What is involved in Localization?

Our localization of software is a process of translating software user interfaces from English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English and adapting them to suit the foreign culture. This process is labor-intensive and often requires significant efforts from our development team. We use state-of-art tools to improve the quality of our localization process. Many of our customers outsource this kind of project to us to cut costs. During localization, references to history or culture are replaced with an equivalent native reference which ideally does not change the meaning of the statement.
How our Portuguese Localization process is applied

Our localization process can be applied to software web site engineering, desktop publishing, graphics engineering, and certain quality assurance measures, including functionality and user testing.

Some practical steps in our localization projects involve:

* Extraction of embedded strings and placement of such strings into resource files
* Accommodation of international character sets
* Preparation for international currencies, date, and time formats
* Setting guidelines for proper handling of user interface, text, and graphics in software and web site design

Outsource localization jobs are welcome

To discuss your localization needs, please send us an e-mail to have a contact from our management within 24 hours: translation@bbportuguese.com

More about Portuguese Localization

Learn about the core of our business: the Brazilian Portuguese Language and translation. These are some topics you can access from our link area:

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